Summer Cleaning @ FTI’s warehouse! Satellite equipment and more to go!

Our warehouse is stuffed full of new and used satellite equipment and more!

List of Items we have in stock – we need to clear out our warehouse! ASAP! Call or email for pricing or more information.

Link to our Ebay store online:

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FTI has a solution for anyone…Anytime Anywhere: RV Parks & Campgrounds

FTI has a solution for anyone…Anytime Anywhere

RV Parks & Campgrounds

Located in scenic, out-of-the-way locations, RV Parks and Campgrounds are often beyond the reach of DSL or cable Internet service. Moreover, the RV Parks and Campgrounds are likely to have a relatively small number of potential Internet users with even less actual users of the Internet service. Finally, RV Parks and Campgrounds have a cyclic clientele with peaks and valleys in their attendance making any fixed cost contracted service such as a DSL or other satellite service cost prohibitive during the “slack months”. As such, this group of potential customers will find the features of the FTI service worthy of consideration.

FTI offers flexible monthly subscription plans, such as Fixed Rate Billing, that offers Internet capacity by the MByte. The most attractive would be the Fixed Rate billing with purchases of Internet capacity by the MByte. The RV Park operator can purchase only what they expect to use on the inbound and outbound links to the Internet and pay for those Mbytes monthly. Unused Mbytes are banked (rolled over to use a cell phone term) and can be used in months when usage exceeds the monthly purchased amount. Accordingly, a RV Park operator can build a bank of Mbytes to be used during peak periods while paying a lower monthly subscription service. At any time the RV Park operator can adjust the monthly guarantee of Mbytes purchased with a written request to FTI. The requested change will take place on the first billing cycle 30 days after receipt of the request. This is perfect for the RV Park operator that knows when the “slack months” occur. No other Internet service offers this level of subscription flexibility.

Another advantage is the lower levels of latency of the FTI service when compared with other satellite Internet services, higher reliability in times of local weather when compared with other satellite services and the averaging of Fair Access Policy increases over the entire month rather than a 24 hour period like other satellite Internet services.

FTI is the only Internet Service Provider that provides multiple billing and service Fair Access Policy (FAP) options for the ultimate in end user Internet experience.

FTI provides the RV Park owner both custom designed wired and wireless Hot Spot solutions together with financing and revenue sharing options.

The Revenue Sharing Option provides the RV Campground operator the ability to avoid monthly Internet and equipment leasing costs entirely or sharing in the capital costs and increasing the percentage of revenue sharing for the operator. In this plan, FTI will turnkey the construction of the capital costs of the RV Park and provide Internet Service.

No capital contribution by the RV Park owner is required for a 10% share of the gross revenues collected by FTI. For each 25% of the total capital costs for the project contributed by the RV Park owner, the RV Park owner receives an additional 10% share of revenues. In this way, the RV Park owner can receive up to 50% of the revenues leaving 50% for FTI to fund the cost of the Internet services. ONLY QUALIFIED RV PARKS WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS OPTION.

FTI recognizes that the telephone company DSL or T1 service will eventually reach even the most remote locations with high-speed Internet service. Whether this occurs next month or next year or longer, the FTI equipment package utilized in the RV Park will never be obsolete or unnecessary. FTI offers a Internet Service Provider load balancer option that can combine the FTI satellite Internet service with up to two additional Internet services to increase reliability, increase access to the Internet and increase data rates even further enhancing the Internet experience for the end users.

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FTI Satellite Internet PLUS

Product Spotlight:

FTI Satellite Internet PLUS

The purpose of FTI’s Satellite Internet PLUS is to provide our customers with a cost effective seamless migration to T1 or DSL primary service while utilizing the existing high-speed Internet equipment and FTI Internet services. There are several scenarios in where the FTI’s Satellite Internet PLUS service will enhance the end user’s experience.

This service can not only be used as a backup for those periods when demands of the Internet subscribers exceed the available capacity of the primary T1 or DSL service, but also provides a backup solution in the event of failure of the primary Internet service. The new service provides load balancing between multiple Internet service providers in order to increase data rates, decrease the contention for end user Internet access and increase reliability with double redundancy at the lowest possible cost.

Key Benefits are:

Business Continuity –By employing multiple ISPs along with FTI’s service, the risk of downtime is significantly reduced so if one carrier is unavailable two other sources are immediately available to ensure continuity. Faster Internet Access –Multiple concurrent ISPs mean more available bandwidth for users, services, and applications eliminating Internet access bottlenecks.

Load Balancing—Specific traffic can be sent down (or up) specific links and be instantly automatically redirected during a failure.

The PLUS service allows up to three different simultaneous gateways to the Internet.

  • Any Telephone Internet Service
    • Flat rate and lowest latency
  • Lowest data rate FTI Commercial Satellite Internet Service (C/Ku Band)
    • Up to 8mbps downloads
    • Lowest Cost and Highest Data Allowance
  • Highest Availability Small Dish High Speed Satellite Internet Service
    • Up to 12mbps downloads
    • Highest latency
    • Lowest Availability

Although terrestrial networks have an established record of providing relatively reliable service to customers network outages are an unfortunate reality because wire-line services are exposed to a variety of disruptive events.

There is no way of predicting when an unplanned outage will occur or how long it might last. For customers considering a fault-tolerant business continuity and disaster recovery plan, a redundant VSAT network is a highly reliable option for maintaining communications.

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FTI boasts benefits for the Oil and Gas Industry

FTI has a small mobile satellite trailer available that just may turn your heads. It is a small trailer but it carries a big punch. It is equipped with a 3.1m C/Ku band antenna, iDirect Satellite Router and a Wireless Access Point and antennas. It would be an excellent addition to your existing wireless network on the rig, or a valuable addition if you currently have no source of internet on location. This trailer can be pulled behind a small truck or even a car. It normally takes less than 30 minutes to peak the antenna after a move and FTI offers in house training in Rogers, Arkansas or at your office at the time of delivery, to insure you and your techs have the skills to work with IntelSat directly or you can have our technician handle the registration once you have peaked the antenna. FTI can also retrofit a trailer or setup with an auto deploy system, that will automatically point and lock the dish in the proper setting.

The SatLink. We can also custom build trailers per your specifications. Normal turn-around is 6 months or less for a custom build. We currently have redesigned our present setup to utilize a smaller antenna while retaining the reliability and affordability desired by our customers. The new design uses a 2.4 meter antenna vs. the 3.1 meter.

With FTI’s C/Ku hybrid system, we can give you the reliability and availability you need on a 24/7 basis.

Applications that justify FTI over Wildblue, Starband, or Hughes:

  • Drill sites have no voice communications if they are out of cell range. VOIP would give them that capability. With typical off the shelf Skype phones or other VoIP service.
  • When Government inspectors come to the rig they must connect back to their computers via VPN. Direct Way will only support one VPN connection at a time.
  • There is no encryption on Wildblue.
  • If you would like to video monitor the sites. This takes more bandwidth than Wildblue can provide.
  • You want to avoid FAP throttling.
  • Greatly improved reliability during storms and high usage periods.
  • For Rig owners who seek to improve the quality of life to help retain employees, a WiFi HotSpot provides a solution while restricting abuse and limiting bandwidth cost.

Take a look at our website at to see what services we offer and explore your options. Please call or email our office anytime to discuss this and any other services I can help you with.

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Foundation Telecommunications, Inc. (FTI) Rural Satellite Broadband Tapped to Help Schools, University, Libraries, and Agencies Close Digital Divide

TIPS/TAPS Purchasing Coop Makes FTI Internet and VoIP Services Available Across 45 States

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Nov. 30, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Foundation Telecommunications, Inc. (FTI) announced that the TIPS/TAPS purchasing consortium has selected it to provide broadband Internet and VoIP (voice-over-IP) services to member educational entities and government agencies. TIPS/TAPS made the award through a competitive bid process.

The FTI proprietary two-way satellite service is uniquely engineered to provide reliable high-speed Internet and telephone services to rural geographically isolated schools, libraries and other government agencies unable to contract for Internet services from other providers.

FTI’s satellite installations are multi-purpose educational telecommunications gateways for rural schools that deliver immediate access to Internet, free long distance telephone calls and educational television programming. The FTI satellite Internet installation is capable of providing telephone service through its “Foundation Fone” VoIP technology with free long distance calls throughout the US. In addition, the installation also provides access to the eight channels of SCOLA educational foreign broadcast services that are currently viewed by over ten million students nationwide.

Kim Thompson, TIPS/TAPS Cooperative Coordinator says of the award, “TIPS/TAPS is very excited about the partnership created with FTI as a leading national vendor for Internet Services. Our purpose is to offer a cooperative program that can provide substantial savings and best value for TIPS/TAPS Members and we believe FTI will help us achieve our purpose.”

“Now with FTI’s service, even the most geographically isolated rural schools, libraries and government agencies can gain Internet service that is equal or better than that enjoyed by their big city counterparts,” said George Livergood, President of FTI. “The FTI multi-function satellite gateway will finally bridge the digital divide inherent in rural America’s access to state-of-the-art telecommunications resources.”

TIPS/TAPS is available for use by all public and private schools, colleges, universities, cities, counties and other government entities in 45 states. Participation of government entities will provide the legally required competition for contracts for commonly purchased items, thereby saving the individual government agency the cost of going through the competitive process.

About Foundation Telecommunications, Inc.
Founded in 1979, Foundation Telecommunications, Inc. provides International innovative telecommunications network solutions using leading edge technologies with a “customer first priority”. FTI integrates total digital solutions incorporating the most appropriate technologies whether satellite, fiber, laser or wireless for the most appropriate customer solutions. From providing wireless MESH communications from deep in an Appalachian coal mine to the rest of the world to geographically remote automated high-performance wireless “Hot Spots”, FTI is on the leading edge. For more information on FTI please visit
The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS) is a purchasing support group for Government Entities and Schools in 45 states. For more information visit 
SCOLA is a non-profit educational organization that receives and re-transmits television programming from around the world in native languages. SCOLA also provides other language learning content on this Web site. Universities, Colleges, K-12 schools, cable systems, government language schools and individuals use SCOLA content for current news, language study and cultural enhancement. SCOLA content is available via satellite, the Internet and through participating cable providers. For more information on SCOLA visit or call (712) 566-2202 and speak with one of our helpful employees.
George Livergood, President/CEO
Foundation Telecommunications, Inc.
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FTI provides High Speed Internet Services to Private Islands

Hurricane proof internet and phone anywhere!!


See our ad displayed in Private Islands Magazine

Your own private internet/wifi and VoIP service.  Systems already established in Samoa and Tonga. Now offering Voice Over IP Telephone services!

Bring the internet home, no matter where home may be.

As the oldest continuously operating satellite based Internet Service Provider in the US, Foundation Telecommunication Inc. provides weatherproof Internet, WiFi and phone services anytime and anywhere. Enjoy the peace of working from your private island while staying connected to the rest of the bustling world. FTI has been providing profitable and professional high technology telecommunications solutions to broadcast, cable, government and education clients for decades.

Offering phenomenal service provided by a satellite Internet system, FTI understands that time is money. Increase the value of your property or increase resort revenues. Trust in FTI to deliver the services that you require.

FTI monitors every component of their broadband satellite Internet system 24/7 and offers clients reliable and revolutionary quality services that can withstand the biggest storms. Even during the fierce Hurricane Katrina, FTI continued providing their  trusted services.

Working from your exclusive area of the world you can enjoy wireless phone services with free long distance calls to the United States and a penny a minute rates to Canada. Videophone and telephone conferencing approved.

FTI’s proven professional services are profitable and of the highest quality.
For more detailed information on FTI and their superior services please visit


  • WiFi Network—Multiple Buildings
  • Local Domain Name & Email Server
  • Downloads Up To 10 mbps
  • Additional Users Pay-By-Credit Card
  • Purchase By-The-MByte
  • LOWEST Cost
  • $.01/MByte to $2/Hour to $50/Month
  • FASTEST Data Rates
  • 2 mbps to 45 mbps (MIR)
  • HIGHEST Annual Reliability
  • Hurricane Proof Phone and Internet
  • MOST Flexible Service
  • Customer Specified Data & Rates
  • Service Capacity of Each Installation Greater Than 200 Internet Users
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FTI 2011 Product Spotlight: PRI in the SKY!

Foundation Telecommunications, Inc.announces the newest lineup in satellite services available to small and large companies alike. An addition to our satellite internet backup solutions, PRI in the SKY, a telephone system recovery service that restores your existing PRI service instantly in the event of a disaster or service interruption.

After an outage occurs, PRI in the Sky™ enables your existing phone system to switch over to a satellite connection, instantly restoring normal functionality and turning every connected station into a satellite phone.

PRI in the Sky™ is compatible with Avaya, Nortel, Lucent, Cisco, NEC, 3COM, Alcatel, Mitel and any other system using PRI/ISDN for carrier connections.

A single satellite dish can support up to 92 concurrent calls in multiple formats (PRI, analog, E & M trunks) and simultaneously provide backup internet service.

Other PRI in the Sky™ benefits include:

  • Always on, easy to test
  • Move a PRI connection anywhere there’s broadband internet access with Portable PRI™
  • Circumvent carrier failure and/or congestion
  • Backup internet service simultaneously provided
  • Included Voice Recovery Service™ provides unrivaled flexibility and control: route some calls to PRI in the Sky™, others to mobile phones, landlines, other locations, voicemail, and more, all controllable remotely in real-time
  • Voice Recovery Service™ also provides complete backup to PRI in the Sky™ in case of power failure, equipment failure, or evacuation
  • VoiceCast mass notification (voice, text, email) and Fax Recovery Service™ are included
  • Satisfy compliance requirements (including 2009 Joint Commission EM.02.02.01)
  • May qualify for ASPR, DHS and other federal and state grant programs

After an outage, PRI in the Sky™ satellite-enables your entire existing phone system, and every phone connected to it.
In partnership with Telecom Recovery, this service rapidly restores control of incoming calls during telecom outages, whether caused by power outage, equipment failure, cable cut or disaster.

  • Quickly recover all your existing numbers, including DID’s and toll-frees
  • Recover from all types of outages and disasters, even catastrophes such as Katrina and 9/11
  • Unparalleled control during the outage with the Web Call Controller™
  • Connect live calls to the right employees – during your outage – even employees still inside the building that’s experiencing the outage
  • Highly transparent and professional to callers, who may have no idea you’re experiencing an outage
  • Unlimited voicemail boxes are included, to back up every phone number, every extension, every department, every employee
  • Easily testable, with free minutes to burn every month
  • No hardware, No software, No change of carriers
  • Scalable, from small business to enterprise
  • Surprisingly affordable, with No declaration or activation charges
  • VoiceCast Mass Notification–rapidly sends messages to thousands of people; voice, SMS/text, and/or email messages, and more…
  • Fax Recovery Service–recover incoming faxes after almost any outage or disaster, secure online storage of originals, immediate delivery to email as PDF or TIFF, and more…
  • Emergency Information Hotline–Always on, always ready, unlimited recordings, unlimited voicemail, multiple languages supported and more…
  • Compliance/BCDR Plan-satisfies compliance requirements in many industries, hard/soft copies provided, diagrams, and much more…
  • Many cool tools to enhance your service: instant conferencing, polling, boomerang, uniform call distribution, and much much more…

Phone outages are no fun. In a disaster, a lack of communication can be deadly. Though more common outages such as cable cuts and equipment failure are more temporary, they can still be quite costly, and they’re always embarrassing to your organization’s reputation.

What kind of pain do you feel when the phone lines are down? How much pain do your callers feel?

Telecom Recovery is a pioneer in the rapid recovery of communications after a telecommunications outage, with a unique focus on the restoration of the incoming calls to existing phone numbers. With the partnership of Telecom Recovery’s Voice Recovery Service™ and FTI’s satellite internet system, complete control of incoming calls to all phone numbers – including individual DID’s – can be restored in only minutes, allowing callers to be handled in almost any way imaginable, and enabling quick adaptation to changing circumstances on-the-fly, even while calls are in progress.

There’s no hardware or software to buy or install and it works seamlessly with existing carriers and equipment. It’s powerful, fast, flexible, comprehensive, and perhaps best of all, affordable.

If you want to see a real-time demonstration of one of the coolest – or hottest – technologies you’ve ever seen, contact us soon to schedule a time. It takes less than an hour, and it will surprise and impress you with its capability and value.

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